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Live and On-Demand 360 / VR production up to 11k

Broadcast 360 are leaders in end-to-end live and on-demand delivery of 360 and VR content. Its teams have been the foundation on how both 360 and VR is created and delivered today, across all platforms.

We provide the full complement of professionals from creatives to engineers and programmers, providing a fully immersive experience for you brand.

Our 360 / VR production services include concept, logistics, pre-production, production, stitching, editing (or 360 vision mixing for live), app development and delivery for both live and on-demand content.


Live and On-Demand 360 / VR production up to 11k

Broadcast 360 utilise some of the most advanced 360 rigs on the planet. Able to film and stitch in real time, with custom cooling to ensure long broadcast periods and occupying a small footprint.

The 360 rigs, although small in size, have the largest sensors on any unibody VR camera.  This dramatically increases quality, dynamic range, low-light performance and colour depth.

The rigs are the first unibody VR cameras to be able to shoot at 11k mono (7 times better quality than 4K) at 30fps and 10k 3D.  360 / RV has never looked this good.

With the high sensor rate, the 360 production rigs have extraordinary high performance at low light, giving your production vibrant, noise-free VR in even the harshest of conditions.

The Broadcast 360 VR Rigs work on a 9-axis gyro with advanced stabilization.  Shots come out perfectly stable, without the need of a gimbal.

The Broadcast 360 Live rigs are able to vision mix in real time with the addition of graphics and lower thirds.


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