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Telling The Story - Live & Same-Day News Production

Pioneers in Same-Day Filming Delivery

Broadcast 360 excels in same-day filming delivery, offering both edited and live broadcasts for web and television. We collaborate closely with media services agencies, broadcast news placement agencies, PR firms, brands, and broadcasters to provide exceptional services through our global production teams.

On location, our field camera crews work in any format up to 4K, with the capability to send footage back to studio editors in real time or for live broadcast.

Our award-winning producers and management team work alongside support personnel, including scriptwriters, hair and makeup artists, logistical support, and more, to ensure seamless production.

Comprehensive News and Media Services

In addition to our direct-to-news services, Broadcast 360 provides B-roll packages, video press kits, social media packages, and PR packages.

Broadcast 360 delivers live-to-studio services from anywhere in the world to any broadcaster globally. Our field teams are equipped with specialist broadcast kits that ensure very low latency two-way audio and video communication with studios.

Contact Broadcast 360 for a complete list of our news services.

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