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When great production is not enough

Making the Impossible, Possible
around the world

Over the years, Broadcast 360 has been called upon to film some of the most ambitious and demanding productions ever undertaken.  With a global network of specialist, we are able to raise to your challenge.

Examples of specialist filming include:

Aerial Filming

Production Helicopters, Drones and all things that fly

From specialist production helicopters to professional drones (UAV), around the world, broadcast 360 is able to delivery your aerial production, up to 4k for both live and ready for edit.

Bringing down the costs for aerial production, no matter the size of budget, from smaller projects to full scale movies, we provide stunning footage using the best equipment and most talented pilots.

Creating that perfect shot requires unique skills.  Our teams have the experience and tools to deliver, on budget and on-time.

Radio Frequency (RF) Productions

The Art of Wireless Filming

When being attached to a wire is not an option, Broadcast 360 provide specialist wireless equipment, up to 4k for a huge range of uses.  From long range to crowded locations, even on aircraft and vehicles and remote locations.

Providing both Radio Frequency and Microwave transmission including both licence Free and licence frequency equipment (we even organise the licences, anywhere in the world).

Our specialist teams can provide high-performance wireless links for radio cameras, onboard and PoV cameras and solutions to send Broadcast quality signals over large areas with low delay. 

In Vehicle Productions

Driving Video Production

Land, Sea, and Air, Broadcast 360 automotive teams have the specialist equipment and knowledge to bring your production to life.

Our low footprint, lightweight equipment is adapted around the project and vehicle, for both live and recorded production. Equipment can be remotely operated and includes fully waterproof and shock resistant systems when the conditions get harsh.

To complement our in vehicle productions systems, Broadcast 360 also offer in-vehicle 360 / VR up to 11k.

So no matter what type of automotive video production you require, if it is a car, trucks, yacht, motorbike, trains, helicopters, Broadcast 360 have the solution.

Steadicam, Jimmy Jibs, & Specialist Cameras

The Art of fluidity Filming

Broadcast 360 can provide fully operated specialist camera equipment for your production.  Steadicam, Polecams, Jimmy Jibs, and Spidercams give your video that extra fluid edge for both recorded video and for live.

Remote controlled camera systems enable greater control over the production. High speed dollies with smooth motions and ultra-fast pan and tilt heads bring next generation control to your video output.

Broadcast 360 can provide huge range of specialist production equipment and experienced crews, around the world.

Super SloMo

Slow Motion Filming

Using the latest digital high speed and super high-speed cameras, Broadcast 360 can provide the most advanced solutions for reliable slow motion in extraordinary quality.

From live event playback to wildlife production, and even underwater, Broadcast 360 understand the nature of slow-motion video production and how it fits into the production workflow and budget.


Explosive Video Production

From Fireworks to production explosions, Broadcast 360 provide professional pyrotechnics and special effects around the world.

From the smallest flame to the largest explosion, every project and shot is fully risk assessed and planned.

Our technicians are experienced and trained in using explosive and flammable materials. At Broadcast 360, we offer a huge range of effects including all pyrotechnics, wind, rain, snow, smoke, squibs, and FX rigging.

Projection Mapping

Casting a new light on your brand productions

From production through to delivery, Broadcast 360 provide 3D projection Mapping and 3D Video Mapping for both outdoor and interior spaces.

Using the very latest technology, techniques and software, our advanced projection and software techniques have been developed to create outstanding displays while keeping a close eye on your bottom line.

360 / VR Video Production

Live and On-Demand 360 / VR production up to 11k





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